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2024 International training offer

As WOAH collaborating center, ENSV-FVI offers a wide range of courses in the field of veterinary services with inputs from WOAH standards, basic sciences and humanities & social sciences. Our 2024-2025 training offer is now available.  »» If you want to join the next ENSV-FVI residential course (Biosecurity and fight against transboundary animal diseases, 15 - 27 May 2024), register now and before February 29th 2024 !  For more information on this training, consult the following educational form and click here to register

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Opening of 2023 residential course registrations !

Translator One health is a culture change that concerns us all. With the Covid crisis, we realize that an animal disease can become a threat to public health, with consequences for the economy, the environment and societies. From now on, human health, animal health, plant health and preservation of ecosystems are one… You are a veterinary officer, a health professional or an environment professional? Register now (and before 1st of June, 2023) to join the next ENSV-FVI residential course that will take place from September 27th to October 12th 2023! You will take part to [...]

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